Article I

The name of the association will be The International York Chocolate Federation and also known as IYCF.

Article II
To preserve, improve, and promote the entire York Chocolate Cat breed.
Article III
Members shall strive to improve the breed by:
1. Developing and promoting highest breeding standards, only breeding the best to the best.
2. Not forcing the cats living in cages or in narrows enclosures.
3. Keeping in mind IYCF breed standard.
4. Serving as a forum for the York Chocolate Cat owners and breeders.
5. Keeping IYCF a Chartered Member of the International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance.
Article IV
Section I:
Any person interested in the objectives of the Federation and agreeing to its Constitution may become a member by paying the dues set by the Board of Directors which entitles the members to all rights, privileges and responsibilities set forth in the Constitution. No person will continue as a member whose dues have not been paid for the applicable year. Members may be expelled for good cause by a majority vote of Executive Committee after having been given 30 days notice of charges and the right to a hearing. Dues run from January 1 to December 31 of each year.
Section II:
A lifetime membership can be obtained by paying ten times the yearly dues.
Article V
Officers: Terms and Elections
Section I:
After the first year, there shall be elected annually a President, Vice President and Secretary/ Treasurer. Terms of office will be from April 1 to May 30 of each year.
Section II:
1/3 of the Directors will be elected each year. There will be "6" Directors with each serving a 3 year term. They can serve two consecutive terms or parts thereof, then must step down for at least one term before they can be eligible again.
Section III:
the Board of Directors will elect The President, the Vice President and the Secretary/Treasurer. Candidates will be presented to the membership no later than March 1st of each year.
Section IV:
The members will elect The Board of Directors and officers, from a prepared list of candidates presented by the President. Members should present candidates to the Directors for consideration prior to February 1st of each year. The President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer must each win over 50 percent of the total votes. The Board of Directors needs only the most votes.
Example: There are four candidates running for President, when all votes are tallied, not one has more than 50% of the total number of votes. An election for the two candidates with the most votes would be held. The one with the most votes would be the new President.
Section V:
The Board of directors will choose a genetic commission. The Genetic commission will be set up at least two experts. The experts must be IYCA members and could be removed only by the Board of directors.
Section VI:
The following requirements must be met to be elected to an office:
1. All nominated candidates must be willing to accept the position if elected.
2. They must have been a member in good standing for the past two consecutive years (after the second full year) to be eligible for a position.
Authors definitions:
"Good Standing"; for a member to be in good standing;
a. They must keep their membership current without interruption.
b. They must remain an ethical and reputable member.
"Consecutive"; following in order without interruption.

           ARTICLE VI
          Duties of Officers and Directors

Section I:
The President shall preside at all meetings of the association and the Executive Committee. At regular meetings, the President shall vote only in case of a tie, but shall have the right of voting in the Executive Committee. The President shall appoint committees as necessary.
Section II:
The Vice President shall act as an aide to the President and perform the duties in the absence of the President when not presiding. The Vice President shall have the right to vote at any time. The Vice President will maintain the IYCF On-line List and will notify all list members when and where an on-line membership meeting is being held.
Section III:
Secretary/ Treasurer office shall be combined. The Secretary/Treasurer will keep all records, carry on all necessary correspondence, will be the membership's chairperson, be in charge of the association's funds and responsible for said funds and spending thereof as directed by the Association and the Executive Committee as necessary to help with their responsibilities.
Section IV:
Executive Committee will consist of President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and the Board of Directors. They shall transact necessary business as may be referred to them by the membership. They will be responsible for the official web site, quarterly Newsletter, and to look after the general welfare of the Association.
Section V:
Directors. They will see to the running of the Association and be a voice and an intermediary between the membership and the workings of the Association. Before all regularly called meetings, the Executive Committee will meet and prepare an agenda to be followed at the meeting.
Section VI:
Genetic commission. The genetic commission has full power about all the rules regarding the breed methodologies. York chocolate Out-crossing can be delivered only by genetic commission. Each two years and only one time, the genetic commission could suggest York chocolate Standard modifications. Executive Committee must vote the possible standard modifications and itíll be executive if win over 50 percent of the total votes.
Section VII:
All meetings will be held on-line in open session in the presence of the whole on-line membership with a prepared agenda. Input from the whole membership is encouraged, but only the Directors will vote on operational issues (amendments). In order to amend issues of organizational or structural importance, the issue(s) must be presented to the Directors and passed by a 2/3 vote of the Directors present at two consecutive meetings before it would be put on the agenda. The membership would then vote by a 2/3 majority before it would pass and become part of the constitution. If the issue is not on the agenda and arises from the floor, the first vote of the Directors is to put the item on the agenda for the next Directors' meeting.
Section VIII:
A Director will be removed from office automatically by failing to attend two (2) consecutive on-line meetings, unless excused by a vote of the Executive Committee at those meetings. If the failure is not excused and is at the end of their term of office, they will not be eligible to run for a new term. The Executive Committee will appoint a new Director to complete the term of any Director who does not fulfill his/her term.

          ARTICLE VII

          Section I: See Article VI - Section VI.

          ARTICLE VIII
          Meeting, Publications and Finances

Section I:
Annual Meetings will be held on-line and will be open to all IYCF on-line members. At each annual meeting, the Executive Committee will choose the time and date for the next year's on-line meeting.
Section II:
The Executive Committee will be responsible for the quarterly Newsletter and web site.
Section III:
The checking account will bear the signature of the Secretary/Treasurer and the President with either signature sufficient to draft checks. A third signature will be on the checking account which will be chosen by the Secretary/Treasurer.

          ARTICLE IX

Whenever possible, all annual meetings will be held on the on-line IYCF List chat room and will be open to all IYCF members.