You must sign and adhere to IYCF's Code of Ethics to be a member.

There is only one type of membership for the York Chocolate Cat enthusiast.


Annual fee = 25 Euro

Life Time General Membership = 250 Euro

With a general membership you:

1. Receive a membership card.

2. Participate in on-line discussions on the IYCF E-mail list.

3. Join in the on-line IYCF Chat Room.

4. Vote on issues concerning IYCF and the York Chocolate Cat and its future.

5. Receive the quarterly on line IYCF Newsletter.

6. May contribute material for consideration for publication in the general sections of the on line Newsletter.

7. May submit photos of your pet York for consideration for publication in the on-line Pet Gallery. Photos appearing in this gallery will be rotated in and out of the gallery 2-3 times a year depending on how many photos are available to IYCF.

8. Participate in the annual IYCF Trivia Contest, prizes to be announced prior to the contest.

9. Attend and participate in IYCF's on-line meetings.

10. Participate in many up coming special IYCF activities.

11. Join IYCF's WebRing

Please note: IYCF would like to publish a '2003 Yearbook'. If a '2003 Yearbook' is published, it will be available at no cost to general and breeder members who have paid full price memberships dues.

To submit your application to become a IYCF Breeder member, click the printable form 


Complete the form and make check payable to IYCF or The International York Chocolate Federation.

Send to:

IYCF Membership
Vicolo Lodi 10, 10098 Rivoli (TO)